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Harismari Hotel is a cozy 3-floor hotel, ideal for couples, that is located in the inner Old Town of Chania really next to landmarks that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Make sure that you have enough time to stroll the most popular narrow alleys of the Old Town, so you feel as much as possible the atmosphere of the place and get close to the traditional food destinations.

The coziness and the traditional character of Harismari Hotel rooms combined with the romantic and cosmopolitan sense of the old town of Chania make the perfect destination for couples.


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A trip to another era...

A magical trip to another era!  The Old Port of Chania, with a history longer than 5.000 years, is a city full of surprises, that is going to amaze you. The "Little Venice" of Greece, as it is called, has maintained unchainged the Venecian architectural feautures of its, with the narrow alleys, the multi-level manssions with the pation and the small, full of life squares. At the same time, a cosmpolitan character has been developed, with lots of vintage bars, cafes, restaurants and any kind of entertainment one could ask for, that make the city be awake all day long.

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