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A trip to another era...

A magical trip to another era! 

The Old Port of Chania, with a history longer than 5.000 years, is a city full of surprises, that is going to amaze you. The “Little Venice” of Greece, as it is called, has maintained unchainged the Venecian architectural feautures of its, with the narrow alleys, the multi-level manssions with the pation and the small, full of life squares. At the same time, a cosmpolitan character has been developed, with lots of vintage bars, cafes, restaurants and any kind of entertainment one could ask for, that make the city be awake all day long.

The area in which the hotel is located, is called “Splantzia“, a Turkish word that means “Aqueduct”, as during the turkish domination an actual aqueduct was built in the square of the area. Sarpaki Street is an architectural mix of the Turkish and Venetians, the dominators who had overmastered Chania in the past. In the whole area, apart from cretan, traditional restaurants and shops, the visitor will also find “Politika” restaurants, with flavors and aromas from Konstantinoupolis (Instabul).


  • The Lighthouse
    The Lighthouse

    The trademark of Chania town, the Lighthouse at the Old Harbor, stands proud for almost 500 years. It was build by the Venetians on 1570, renovated by the Egyptians on 1830 and is the oldest, preserved lighthouse of Europe and one of the oldest of the entire world.

    In our days, its doors are sealed for the visitors, for safety reasons, but you are allowed to walk through the bastion till the surrounding area of its and from there you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset.

  • Picturesque Alleys of Chania Old City
    Picturesque Alleys of Chania Old City

    Strolling on the narrow alleys of the Old City, you will catch yourself amazed by the spellbound by the romantic ambience of the place. The Old City is like a time capsule including the 5.000 years of history of this town.

    In each corner of the City you will find a new amazing treasure, like a historic building, a traditional shop with friendly people, a colorful patio full of flowers, a vintage bar and of course the magnificent Old Port with the Lighthouse!

  • The exotic beaches of Chania
    The exotic beaches of Chania

    Turquoise, crystal clean waters… Coral, pink sand… The famous, bright Greek sun… Explore the amazing beaches of Chania and let the pure, natural landscape ease your mind. Balos lagoon, Falassarna and Elafonisi beach are the perfect scenery for your summer memories!